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1.- Julie and John are planning to get married and __________a lot of children. *
2.- You should read this novel. It’s been _________recommended by all critics.*
3.- The teacher asked if____________to bring our textbooks to class.*
4.- When Sam was a small child, he___________hours every day playing with stones in the garden.*
5.- I think that the problem Henry has raised is a mayor____________for our society.*
6.-I didn’t _____listen to opera.*
7.- Supposing __________injured. What would I have done then?*
8.- I don’t understand why _________me you were sick*
9.- It _________raining off and on since Tuesday.*
10.- We don’t have to be here ________lunchtime.*
11.- You know, Audrey, you ___________be so cutting at times.*
12.- There are far too many people sleeping ________on the streets of London and other big British cities.*
13.- really have no idea how the mistake ___________in the first place.*
14.- Most children these days get inoculated _____________common childhood illnesses like measles and mumps when they are babies.*
15.- Local residents _______objected to the plans to build a supermarket where there is currently a beautiful park.*